Are you tempted to start a business, but are you worried about how to get started, what to remember and how to secure a sufficient volume of orders from the first day?

Where you can rely on us

  • A thorough training process where we take into account your experience in business, people management or logistics.
  • Help with securing the financing of initial costs.
  • We can secure clients or orders for your business. Our clients are diverse entities from small restaurants to large e-commerce companies. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, of course you can also look for opportunities on your own.
  • We will provide you with a vehicle fleet.
  • Complete technological-logistical, operational, but also labor-legal and HR support.
  • Our know-how.

Do you want to join the most widespread same day delivery company in the Czech Republic, which delivers for our clients in 30 cities in the Czech Republic and 8 in Slovakia? Do you want to draw on all the advantages of our know-how, which we have been building for five years as part of technology and operation? Our plans are not limited to the current 24 cities or borders of the Czech Republic. Come do it with us!

What you will need

  • The initial investment starts at 100,000 CZK. It depends on your ambitions regarding the size of the fleet or the possibilities of the city in which you will start your business.
  • IČO or s.r.o.
  • Willingness to overcome obstacles and create a quality service with enthusiasm.

What we expect

  • Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Sense of operational excellence.
  • Empathy for work and dealing with people.
  • Putting clients and end customers first at all times.
  • Previous experience leading a courier team is an advantage, but not a requirement.

Our vision is to become the most comprehensive and best-rated courier service in the Czech Republic and other countries in which we plan to operate in the future. We have been offering and improving the franchise model since the beginning of 2021, and now we would like to expand it to other cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as part of our growth.

Below, we will describe how the entire process actually takes place, and what awaits you if you decide on this interesting cooperation with Prorozvoz. In total, the time invested from the receipt of your CV to the start of the franchise varies from 45 to 90 days.

The process of building a franchise

  • Initial screening

    At first we will assess your CV, and especially your motivation letter. After that, we will contact the selected candidates regarding the initial screening and discuss the necessary information, either about the terms of the franchise, or we will also talk about your motivation to start working with us.

  • Personal meeting

    Presentation of our vision and possibilities of specific cooperation. You are already negotiating with our operations director regarding the standards of our company, discussing your clearly specified expectations and realistic possibilities in the given location. Next, you will present your own plan to us based on the information you receive at the initial screening.

  • Financial meeting with the owner of the company

    You will then meet with the owner of the company regarding the financial perspective of cooperation. We will show you here, for example, our working franchise models. We will also introduce you to our clients, internal systems and discuss the monthly financial balance with you.

  • Conclusion of the contract

    After the financial meeting with the owner, we will agree on the period needed to consider the entire offer. Once you are ready, we will meet to sign the contract documents.

  • Training process

    We will tailor the training process to your experience. The process usually takes 14 days to 2 months. You will spend your time in individual positions as a courier within various types of orders, in the dispatch center and with the management of our company.

  • Starting a Franchise

    After successful completion of the training process and your certification, you become our franchisee. We will always be fully available to you and ready to support you on a daily basis. With us you will never be alone. Our regional manager will arrange regular meetings with you and together we will set the parameters of cooperation with new customers and evaluate cooperation with the current ones.